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In Rajasthan, where every year around 2000 children are born with hearing disabilities, Anubhuti Foundation is doing a commendable job addressing an issue that want unnoticed in the society until now. Children across Rajasthan do not receive medical treatment on time due to lack of awarness, hence their future is put at stake. Anubhuti foundation is growing at a quick pace. I am confident that in 8 years down the line, we would have a deafness free society in the state. They have the support from me and i wish them all the success in achieving their mission. Anubhuti Foundation for Best Ngo in Jaipur, Best Child Foundation in Jaipur, Cochlear Implant Surgery in Jaipur, Hearing Loss Charitable Trust in Jaipur, Best Special School in Jaipur.


Our aim is Deafness-Mukt Nation.

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Be proud of yourself, you're really changing those little angels lifes! Your passion is admirable. Never give up!

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Best Charitable Trust in Jaipur

With auditory brainstem response screening, sounds are presented to the ear and surface electrodes measure an EEG-type response.

Best Charitable Donation Trust in Jaipur

Consultation Include surgical interventions such as cochlear implants. bone bridge implants, brainstem implants, surgery for cleft lip and palate.

The trust maintains a back to receive used hearing aids, repair it and provide it to needful children whose families cannot afford a new set.

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We are here to reduce the burden of hearing disability and make these children self reliant who can achieve their full potential.


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