Give an Aid

A Single Donation Can Change a Life

Anubhuti’s novel concept encourages parents to donate old, unused, discarded hearing aids for reuse. Each machine is professional repaired and recalibrated, then donated free to needy children to resolve their problems. Economics is a big inhibitor, hence donated machines, recalibrated or new are needed for free donations.
A hearing aid that is no longer being used can make a big difference in someone else’s life – someone who could not afford a hearing aid without your donation. Donating a used hearing aid to the Anubhuti Foundation can help a child hear his teacher in the classroom and excel in school. Even just one used hearing aid can give the gift of sound, and improve a quality of life.
A new beginning for hearing impaired children. Many children suffer from hearing impairment due to a variety of reasons. Hearing impairment can be treated and these children can lead a normal life. Such children should be properly assessed and given hearing aids. Proper selection of hearing aid and cost are key issues depriving them. A new initiative has been taken by Anubhuti foundation to address this issue. Needy children particularly poor will be assessed and helped to get a hearing aid. Many people have hearing aid which they don’t use due to various problems like damaged wires, battery issues etc. Trust will collect such machines to repair and recalibrate them and will offer such hearing aids to poor and needy children.